Cynthia Olson, M.D. – Alberta Bioidentical Doctor

Welcome to the world of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy!

At the Ascentia Wellness Clinic, in Alberta, Canada, we have worked hard to bring you a program that is tailored to help you become the healthiest you can be, for the longest possible time on an individual basis. We are not all created with the same metabolism, rate of aging, or response to physical or psychological stressors.

Many people in their late thirties and early forties notice that they progressively begin to lose their vitality, enjoyment of life, and energy. They may notice that they catch more “bugs”, and injure themselves more easily, or don’t recuperate as quickly as they once did. Both men and women suffer from anxiety, depression, decreasing libido and motivation.

Women most often start to have irregular and more painful menses, irritability, weight gain, bloating, and even hot flashes before menopause.

These are the symptoms that herald a decrease in hormones that can go on to become severely debilitating, as time goes on. Alberta Bioidentical Doctor, Cynthia Olson, M.D., goal is to restore your hormones to a healthy and safe level, which will have you feeling like “yourself” again.

However, there is more to being well than hormone therapy.

It is vital to receive counseling on lifestyle and nutrition, and can offer you special testing not available in most public labs, to assess your nutritional state, and make specific recommendations to remedy any deficits.

Whether we like it or realize it, stress is unavoidable in our lives. There are different kinds of stress, and different ways that we can respond to it. It has a massive impact on our health, and the orchestra of hormonal equilibrium. No health assessment is complete without an intensive look into this effect on your life and health. It is one of the areas that can make or break your program.

In my opinion this is one of the best times to be alive. We have come to a time in history where it’s not just your genetics and/or chance that will determine how long you will live, or how well you will live.

– Cynthia Olson, M.D.

As hard as we all try to keep our bodies free of pollution, it can be very expensive and elusive.

Sometimes, we are not even aware of all the dangers around us, whether it be in the food and water we consume, or the environment that we expose ourselves to during both work and play.

We can help you learn how to limit the amount of toxins you are exposing yourself to, and show you ways to help your body deal with this increasing problem in our world.

All in all, this is more than just a prescription for hormones, it is a prescription for health and well-being for each of our patients.

Please call Alberta Bioidentical Doctor, Cynthia Olson, M.D., of Ascentia Wellness Clinic to schedule your initial appointment, discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs.